Are You Locked Out? Don't Panic!

Locked out of your home or car?

Can't find your keys?

Can't start the ignition?

Broke the key of in the lock?


Keep your home safe by knowing exactly who has access at all times.  Call today for a free estimate on your new lock installations and see just how affordable security and peace of mind can be.

You never expected running out to get a pint of milk would turn into such an ordeal.  And if forgetting your house key on the counter wasn't bad enough, now the scorching summer sun is cooking your milk fast. Help is on the way fast with 24-hour emergency service.

Free estimates and 24-hour emergency services for the home

  • New locks and keys
  • Replacement locks
  • Lock repairs
  • Lost key replacement
  • Rekeys


Close your doors to the past — and keep them closed.  From disgruntled former employees to lost keys, keep your business as secure as possible by updating your locks so you know exactly who has access to your livelihood.

Knowledge and experience you can count on at a price you'll love.  Whether you're replacing a standard lock or need an electronic access system repaired or replaced, you can always count on our experience — over 15 years — and our affordability.

Here to help you around-the-clock with emergency services

  • New lock installations
  • Lock replacements
  • Key replacements
  • Master keying
  • Lock rekeys
  • Access card systems


There's no need to break a sweat, let alone a car window.  Don’t panic when your car door clicks shut and you realize your keys are resting on the driver’s seat. Call us for prompt, 24-hour emergency service.

Experience the difference in service yourself.  The next time you need a replacement key or your ignition won't turn ask for your free estimate and see just how much more affordable our services can be. After that it's just a matter of putting over 15 years of experience to work for you, and you'll be sold for life.

24-hour emergency service for all car lock and ignition services

  • Transponder keys
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Lost car key replacements
  • Ignition system repairs

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We've been doing this for over 50 years in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. Give a ring and let us help you back into your car, or your home or business. Feel free to call anytime as we have the local trusted 24-hour emergency service!